EPISODE 28 - "Politics Is Personal" Series: Ann Finch of Team Brownsville on finding purpose at the border

This is the first episode of a special series we’re calling, “Politics Is Personal.” We're sharing the stories of our favorite Texas activists and what happens when normals like us are compelled to "do more than nothing."

This ep, we hear a fascinating personal account of what it's really like at the border, from the eyes of a sweet, newly widowed TX grandma named Ann Finch. In only a year's time, she went from a desperate need to do SOMEthing to carrying bags of toilet seats and pulling wagons full of bottled water in 114 degree heat at the Brownsville/Matamoros international bridge to becoming the founding president of Team Brownsville, a nonprofit providing humanitarian assistance for asylum seekers.

Don’t worry, we'll go back to our usual format, and "Political F*ck Marry Kill" will be back sooooon!


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Ann Finch, President of Team Brownsville



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