EPISODE 30 - "Politics Is Personal" Series: Diana Earl of Moms Demand Action on becoming an "actionist" & being a person of color in mostly white "progressive" spaces

This is the third episode in a special series we’re calling “Politics Is Personal.” We're sharing the stories of our favorite Texas activists and what happens when normals like us are compelled to "do more than nothing."

On this episode, we talk with gun violence prevention warrior Diana Earl, the Texas Survivor Membership Lead for Everytown for Gun Safety/Moms Demand Action. Diana shares about the tragic event that brought her into the fight against gun violence and her advice to people who feel uncomfortable calling themselves "activists." Plus, "I'm sorry, this is a private event..." aka what it feels like to be one of very few people of color in mostly white "progressive" spaces.

Don’t worry, we'll go back to our usual format, and "Political F*ck Marry Kill" will be back next week!


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Diana Earl, the Texas Survivor Membership Lead for Everytown for Gun Safety/Moms Demand Action and all-around amazing human




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